Hot Stone Massage

A massage therapy that incorporates the use of Hot Stones and massage techniques to aid in reducing stress and promoting blood circulation.

Hot Stone Massage uses a combination of Water and Heat therapy together with smooth river rocks, that allow for a deeply relaxing treatment and helping the rebalance of body and mind.

The stones which can be of different shapes and sizes, are heated between 125 and 135 Fahrenheit degrees and are placed along the bodies Chakra points (energy centre). This allows stimulation of the nervous system and balancing energy flows through the body.

Although a gentler massage compared to deep tissue, the stones allow for a deeper reach into the muscle tissue just by using mere fingers, making it a more intense experience than a regular deep tissue massage.

hot stone small

Benefits include;

Relaxation and stress relief
Muscle relaxation
Reviatlise bodies energy levels
Improve blood circulation
Release toxins
Health conditions that can also be treated with Hot Stone Massage

Back Pain
Muslce Pain